Fun for a good cause! 

Fun for a good cause is my current focus! 

I want to raise money for JDRF. We don’t live close to any walks and weekends are already filled with sport. I came up with the idea of a black and white themed high tea with bubbles. By charging $10 a head on the day then asking for a small item for a silent auction ( could get a bit crazy after a few bubbles, I hope ! ) , I’m planning to have some fun with some of the amazing women in my life and raise a few dollars at the same time. 

Since sending out the invitations, I’ve come to realise the amount of support my family has. People have been so positive and keen to be involved. It has also given me a chance to explain what my amazing boy (and all the children and adults with Type 1 diabetes) do to manage diabetes. It’s been a very humbling experience! 


Hopefully no one else in the area needs black and white decorations! They are all in my pantry! My weekly purchase of six bottles of prosecco is beginning to concern the local bottle shop owner.

Pinterest has been plundered for ideas! Making huge paper dahlias as table decorations and wall hangings has been such good fun and maybe I can even sell them at the end as Christmas decorations! It’s the first time I’ve deliberately destroyed a book in my life. The local op shops are a great source. I used one of my son’s old Hardy Boys reads for the first one as I was just too impatient to wait: I won’t make that mistake again but it’s great to see he actually does love books!

I’m so lucky to have a friend who is a high tea aficionado and she is my unofficial events coordinator ( I’m just trying to sound fancy!). Weekly meetings at the kitchen table over a glass of wine have been such fun! 

So far about forty giggling gals will be showing up for a good cause and a few laughs. Wish me luck as preparations increase!  Living in the House of Testosterone with three sons and a husband (I’m sure the goldfish is male too – he only looks at me when he needs food and he leaves his crap everywhere – sorry, bad mum joke!), I’m looking forward to some girl time. I told all the males that they were only welcome if they would be waiters (preferably topless!). Alternate plans for them are afoot!