Mum of Type 1 – Why this name? I am the mum of three boofy boys and the wife of a very patient man whose lives were gate-crashed in December 2013 by a new family member: Type 1 Diabetes! Ever since then it feels like there’s a 6th member of our clan. He takes up a lot of space: in my brain, and in my kitchen drawer (the one that I used to keep all my bits and pieces in).

So now I’m the mum of Type 1 too! My son handles Type 1 really well. We have all the usual fights and arguments that a mum of a 14 year old would expect to have. Situation ‘horribly normal’!

My own family lives far away so when this first happened it felt even harder. I used to walk in the morning before work to try to clear my head. I’d always done this and found it was my sanity in the early days. I wanted my family to understand how I felt and what we were going through. Words swirled around in my head as I pounded the streets and before I knew what I was doing, I wrote it down and it soon became my first poem. It’s a while since I wrote this poem and I can feel how sad I was when I read it now. It was my therapy and helped me understand my feelings.



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