It don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing!


We spent a fun morning on Saturday. After collecting a very sleepy boy from schoolies (you can read about that here if you like), we headed to a golf store with the intention of buying a set of golf clubs for my boy’s 18th birthday present. He didn’t know the purpose of visiting this shop. He had barely slept and was keen to get home to his bed. It was just wonderful to see the delight in his face as we told him about this gift. It was hysterical then to watch this tired big boy being put through his paces by the man in the shop. He needed to know what kind of golfer our boy was so set him up against the indoor mini driving range and got him to hit a few balls.

TheN the fun really began! Who knew that golf was so complicated?

Firstly, he had to imagine he was sitting back on a bar stool – not too much of a stretch given that he’d just spent a week doing that very thing!

Secondly, he was to demonstrate bending forward slightly from the waist. This had to be done whilst the shoulders were kept back. All good so far although concentration was pushed to the max.

Thirdly, hand position. The grip has to be in the correct spot. Angling the dominant hand round slightly, whilst feeling counter intuitive apparently corrected his tendency to send balls off to the right.

Fourthly, the swing! Head down, shoulders down, use the leverage of those lanky long arms to gain some advantage. Let the swing follow around in a natural arc.

There was nothing natural about anything by this stage but the man from the shop patiently helped him whack one ball after another. Some were on target, others made us all thankful that there was a side net. Adjustments were made to his stance and posture and reminders gently given as to what needed to be done to hit the target.

The need to coordinate so many things at the same time in order to hit the targeted zone was so hard and unachievable most of the time. There always seemed to be one element going rogue! The bum was not on the bar stool, the hand alignment was incorrect or rushed, the head was not down and focused, and that swing!

The need for 100% concentration at all times on several elements made it seem like an impossible feat. We were told that the golf clubs we were purchasing were of the best quality but that the key to improvement was practice.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. As hilarious as it was to watch our boy sweat a week’s worth of beer out the top of his head whilst maintaining some modicum of dignity and occasionally hit the target, I could not help but compare this to his life with Type 1 Diabetes.

If anyone who reads this is a golfer, I apologise for any errors in the golfing advice. I had tears of laughter rolling down my face which interfered with my understanding of a sport which already baffles me!