Oath of allegiance to my teen with type 1 diabetes

I do solemnly swear
That I will support you
In all your endeavours,
In following your dreams,
In reaching your potential.

I will be in the background
Like a safety net,
Ready to catch you whenever you need me.

There may be times when you find it all too much
So I may need to stick my nose in where it’s unwanted.
Please know that if I do this, it’s because I love you.

Diplomacy will be my middle name.
I will not confront you when you struggle but will gently ask where I can help.

Just say the word though and I will swing into action, fighting your corner.
You know I can.

You have the right to tell me to back off,
To do things your way.
Please be gentle with me though as it is so very hard to let you go.

You are amazing.
You possess the skills, resilience and empathy
To take you wherever you want to go.
Be brave.
Live your life.
Be all you can be.