Diabetes weather forecast for our region

Ok ladies and gentlemen!
On tonight’s show we are looking ahead at the diabetes weather forecast for the week.

It’s difficult to predict what lies ahead in the next few days.
Given the lull lately,
We predict a strong possibility of some highs 
Which will inevitably be followed by some unexplained lows through the night.
Be prepared for some sleepless nights as you batten down the hatches.

Those sporting fanatics amongst you will  no doubt be keen for predictions around your weekend games.
It’s finals weekend, adrenalin is pumping!
Make sure you avoid the post game lows by reducing those night time units.
Remember what happened the last time? 

Looking ahead to the weekend,
Not much activity is predicted 
The resulting change from the weekday routine may cause chaos in some households.
Don’t let that be yours!
Remember to count those carbs carefully and avoid random guesses 
You know you hate those three am wake up calls!

There we have it folks!
As you can see, forecasts are a fool’s game!
Nothing can be predicted with any certainty
So keep smiling and be prepared for any eventuality!

One thought on “Diabetes weather forecast for our region

  1. As a diabetic of 26 years and an infrequent reader of your blog, I was encouraged by your fun ” weather forecast” as it made me laugh and is so true. I seem to have noticed a shift in your acceptance of T1D in life in that there are times you add a bit of humor to the posts. My prayer for you and your family is that this is true and continues to be. Both my brother and I have lived full and happy lives with T1D, we wish we didn’t have it and wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but I would imagine your child will be able to say the same thing when they are grown. God bless you and your family and I pray your T1D treatment is less stressful and life more joyful each day.


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