The boy and the egg go on an overnight school trip

Dear Sir,

My boy is the Boy with the egg.You might remember him from last year. He made the final team and now you are taking him on an overnight excursion. I know! It is amazing and he played so well. He carried that egg in his pocket and he never even cracked the shell! He had the best fun, was covered in bruises and grinning from ear to ear when he came home.

I’ve emailed you twice in the last week to ask that you undertake the Egg Preservation Training (EPT).  It’s a quick course to teach you how to help my boy look after his egg in an emergency. Our educator has very kindly offered to come to you and do the training. We need a reply to our emails please.

I am fully aware that my boy looks totally normal and you would never guess he has to carry that egg. Last year he had a really scary time on an excursion when a teacher refused to help him carry his egg. It nearly smashed as he didn’t follow my son’s Action Plan. You can read about that here. I’ve attached the most recent copy of the Action Plan to this email.

I also need to ask you to wake my boy at 3am. The egg is under a great deal of pressure after a full day of sport and you need to wake my boy and ask him to check it for cracks. This is something we do regularly so it won’t worry him. I know this is a big expectation of you after a busy day. We would be very grateful if you let us know that you will accept this responsibility.

My boy will have a great time on this trip. I don’t doubt that for a moment. You too will have fantastic trip with a top team but I know will you will feel more confident in yourself if you undertake the EPT. 

Many thanks,



Dear Educator

I finally heard back from the teacher. The trip has been cancelled. Not enough of the team turned up for training sessions. He congratulated my boy for turning up to every session and expressed his sadness at having to cancel the excursion.

All your amazing work to help protect the egg, all the planning  for keeping it safe and it’s a no go!

I feel like I’m ready for a peace keeping job in the United Nations with my carefully scripted emails to the teacher- understanding their difficult job but gently putting pressure on him to attend training and do a night check. All for nothing!

This is our job- egg protection squad!

Thanks as ever for your support of my boy!



Diabetes weather forecast for our region

Ok ladies and gentlemen!
On tonight’s show we are looking ahead at the diabetes weather forecast for the week.

It’s difficult to predict what lies ahead in the next few days.
Given the lull lately,
We predict a strong possibility of some highs 
Which will inevitably be followed by some unexplained lows through the night.
Be prepared for some sleepless nights as you batten down the hatches.

Those sporting fanatics amongst you will  no doubt be keen for predictions around your weekend games.
It’s finals weekend, adrenalin is pumping!
Make sure you avoid the post game lows by reducing those night time units.
Remember what happened the last time? 

Looking ahead to the weekend,
Not much activity is predicted 
The resulting change from the weekday routine may cause chaos in some households.
Don’t let that be yours!
Remember to count those carbs carefully and avoid random guesses 
You know you hate those three am wake up calls!

There we have it folks!
As you can see, forecasts are a fool’s game!
Nothing can be predicted with any certainty
So keep smiling and be prepared for any eventuality!