The nest- preparation for take off. Part One.


My boy is the boy with the egg. Read about him here. This blog entry really resonated with people and I was reminded of it last week as he jumped on the school bus for a new year. 
Following on with the egg analogy, I see us, as his parents, as his nest. Our home and support are unquestioningly there for him but I need to get him ready to leave this place of comfort.  I want him to high fly and free but in the mean time we can protect him and let him rest in the nest where he will learn some of the tools he needs for a healthy, happy future. It’s the same for his two brothers. The only difference is, he has to throw Type 1 diabetes in the mix.

This is a long term plan. As much as my three boys drive me mental at times in the House of Testosterone, I cannot imagine them leaving!

Preparation for the big take off. Part one.

The first big challenge this year will be work. He has scored a job at a fast food restaurant. He did not disclose his diabetes in the application or at the interview. I thought it was absolutely appropriate to answer ‘no’ to the following question: 


He rarely misses school so I don’t feel that his diabetes interferes with his education so we are hopeful that it will not impact on his ability to work. Most of all, I don’t want my boy to think of himself as having a disability or that his medical condition will stop him reaching for his dreams. His big brother already has a job here so we can anticipate the hours he will work with some certainty. It was great to get some perspective on this from the Diabetes Online Community.

Once he has shown that he is a capable, hard worker, I would imagine that he will disclose his diabetes. I’m so excited for him that he will have a job. His brother is not the biggest fan of working here but he only does an average of twelve hours a week. He does love being paid though and learning to save money for something you want is an invaluable lesson!

When he was first diagnosed, I could not relax if he was out of my sight. He would go and do everything he had always done as we were advised so well from the start to keep doing what we had always done and integrate diabetes into that. Sounds simple? It was really scary but I can honestly say there is nothing that he has not done because of diabetes. Here we are, two years down the track. Now we are ready for the next big challenge!


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