Beach, Bludging and Blundt Cake

A beautiful morning at the beach. The boys all mucked about in the water with their body boards whilst dad surfed. I had a big walk along the beach. A gorgeous NSW summer Sunday morning. Sometimes I’m glad I married an Aussie!

Home for lunch, a laze on the lounge then the baking bug struck me as it often does on a Sunday. I’d picked up a blundt baking tin a few weeks ago so I looked up some recipes, found one I like, tweeked it a little and did the carb count. I feel like I should buy a lottery ticket when the carb count divided into portions gives me close to a multiple of 15. The magical exchange count for my son!

Chopped salad, marinated lamb for dinner followed by a slice of this cake. A fab way to finish a lovely weekend!

Life isn’t always like this! Let’s hope the busy week ahead is gentle to us all!

Late add in: I learnt the Australian expression ‘bludging’ when living here. It’s considered an art form on a hot day! I previously called it skiving but never had time to indulge!


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