My friend Maddie!



A little piece of France in NSW, Australia. Miam! I found a little homewares shop in Tours and bought the tray which helps give these cakes their familiar shape. This recipe came from the internet today (please double check the carb count) and it worked out around the magic 15g of carbs per portion which makes it easier for my son with T1 diabetes to calculate the carbs.

The lemony smell is just lovely and I must confess, I couldn’t wait for the 2o minutes before putting them in the oven. On the other hand, I don’t think eating them within an hour will be an issue in a house with 5 people!

Jet lag is gone and the house is a mess but we’ll share a little piece of France tonight for dessert!

I’m sure you could use patty cake tins for this recipe if you feel like trying them.


4 thoughts on “My friend Maddie!

    1. Can you imagine the weight of le Creuset! Last time it was a tarte tatin dish! I don’t have a lot of space so have to plan carefully – nice French soaps, French novels, a couple of scarfs. The students love shopping so I get time to browse!


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