He just forgot.

It was a busy evening in the House of Testosterone. Haircuts at the barbers after school. Youngest packing for school camp ( can’t believe my baby is that old but he is ready). Eldest on overnight sporting trip texting home the news of half the team, including him,getting conjunctivitis. What do they do in those scrums? Hurried afternoon tea at the barbers then home to soup and pumpkin loaf. The busy midweek classic of soup and a pudding!

Busy day at work for mum and dad, so nice to sit round the table and chat.

My middle son tests his BGL at bedtime. 25? What? Hang on, did you have your insulin at dinner? There we go! Mystery solved!

It was that easy just to forget and be like all the other boys! The smell of the soup and the freshly baked loaf, the rush to the table, the analysis of haircuts, the banter but no insulin on board. First time ever that this has happened.

No panic, no recriminations just a renewed and quiet understanding of the amazing job that insulin does.

This recipe was adapted from one on taste.com.au. The carb counting was done by me and I’m not an expert!


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