Diabetes social media burnout by proxy

 This is the deal for me. I do not have diabetes but my amazing, 14 year old, middle child does.

Do I qualify for diabetes social media burnout? Not perhaps in the way that someone who actually has diabetes would. I would never compare what I have to do with those who have diabetes.  I do not have diabetes but my baby does. He might be almost 6ft tall and a gangly teenager but he’s my baby!

I crave knowledge and connection. I love to read the stories of real people and how they live amazing, normal lives. 

I sometimes share my recipes and I recently suffered the wrath of self-named ‘diabully’ for poisoning my child with cake. This didn’t even scratch the surface of my self-esteem. I didn’t feel bullied! I must confess to only reading the first couple of lines of the blog post but there were more swear words than the average Billy Connolly joke so I exited and blocked this sad person. To balance this up I had lovely, positive comments from others who liked my recipe.

Sometimes the sad tales people share overwhelm me but I keep coming back for the witty comments and the funny quips from a community of people with whom I feel a connection. (I did finish that sentence with a preposition but I went back and tidied it up – my grammar has definitely improved).

One blog post I wrote, the boy and the egg, really seemed to resonate with people and the beautiful messages people sent me from all over the world touched me so much. I wrote that post quickly and from the heart during a really difficult time for my son. 

I may have unwittingly annoyed people with what I write. I felt a bit awkward when I started blogging and I’m still not really sure what to do with twitter. That’s OK too! I feel like I’m on a dance floor, really wanting to pump out my groovy ‘mum dance’ moves (queue moans from teenage children everywhere!) but they don’t quite match the rhythm and beat of the new tunes of a younger generation. Still, it’s fun to try!

My self-esteem and my self-belief belong in the real world with my family, my friends and my work. The DOC is my secret life, my therapy in a way, but it feels so real at times and unreal at others.

Every few days I delete the wordpress app and the twitter app and keep my feet firmly on terra firma for a bit but then my feet start to shuffle and I need to bust back onto the dance floor once more. Any one for some ‘Mashed potato’ but for goodness sake don’t tell ‘diabully’ – think of the carbs!

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