Just because..

We eat healthy, wholesome food most of the time because I want us all to be in the best shape we can be.

I love to bake and since my son got Type 1 diabetes, it’s been my goal to keep baking but try to make the recipes  healthier where possible. There are however times where you just have to break out and eat some delicious sweet treat. I want all my kids to know that these treats exist but it’s best to have them in moderation. So much has changed for our whole family since my son’s diagnosis. I don’t want food to become an area of stress.

This is one recipe that hasn’t been altered much. This is a Sunday classic. We had it this weekend after a big roast dinner and all was good in the House of Tersosterone.

The carb counting was done by me and I’m still on my L plates so please double check!

I can guarantee however that this is yummy: a real old fashioned, easy to make, nana-style dessert.

I had my first negative experience this week as a blogger and new user of twitter. Someone called ‘diabully’ retweeted my tweet about making brownies after a horrid day. The name alone should have set alarm bells but I had one eye on something else and clicked to see who this was. I was taken to a link, where after reading a couple of lines about the terrible mother that I am, I quickly closed it down and blocked this person.

By a strange and fortuitous coincidence, I had been reading http://bigfootchildhavediabetes.com/2015/08/20/watch-me-whip/  where another mum,who I admire greatly, had a negative experience on Facebook. In some of the comments on this post, some beautiful and supportive advice was given. One person said never to read on when you know a comment about you is negative (I’m paraphrasing here). I’m so pleased that I had this idea in my head as, beyond knowing it was nasty, I choose not to know the details of the blog post.

I choose to feed carbs to my child with Type 1 diabetes. Clearly, there are lots of people with Type 1 diabetes who choose to eliminate or reduce carbs from their diet. That’s their choice and I have no judgement whatsoever to make on them for doing that. Perhaps, when he is older, my son will make the choice to do this too and I would be behind him 100% in whatever he chose to do. I’m leaving this to him though.

It’s a shame that there are people who pass judgement on others for the choices they make. Having a child with Type 1 diabetes or indeed having Type 1 diabetes yourself is hard enough. I started blogging and using twitter as a means of finding and perhaps giving some support.  


6 thoughts on “Just because..

  1. OMG that looks good! Your right we each choose our own paths and some people are just idiots so pay no attention to them, they feed off other peoples misery so dont give them the honour. Could you use greek yoghurt?
    Thanks for sharing. 😃

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  2. That’s awful. There are so many spammy accounts out there just trying to drum up attention, and you were right to ignore them. We are all different and you know what is best for your son’s diabetes. Diabetes does not mean that you are subject to a life of starvation and misery! Your family deserved that cake – and it looks yummo! Don’t ever feel guilty for it. 🙂

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    1. Hi Frank! You’d love it I’m sure! I remember your cake pics and stories from Sydney. We get two days of desserts from this cake – 10 small serves! I do have to hide it at the back of the fridge!


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