Worlds collide! Hey Miss, can I tell you something…?


Another busy day in the world of teaching teenagers. The end of a lesson and a boy waits behind. I know this boy.

He asks me if he can tell me something. As a teacher, you never know what’s going to come out when I student asks that. He then goes on to tell me that today it is exactly two years since he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

I look at him for a moment. I fight back the biggest lump in my throat as I look into his eyes.

“I might be the only other person in this school who knows what that means”, I think to myself. Such a simple thing to tell me, uncomplicated words which tell a whole story.

“Do you want me to say Happy Diaversary?”, I ask.

“Not really!”, he replies.

We stand and just look at each other for a minute without saying anything. I put my hand on his arm and ask “Are you OK?”

“Yeh, I think so!” He walks off to his next lesson, wrestling his mates on the way.

It didn’t feel like the right time to tell him how amazing he is. I’ve done that before and really made him blush. Nor did it feel like the time to talk about what a pain it can be. We had that conversation a couple of weeks ago.

Today, he just needed someone to know and understand without talking about it. I’m so glad that I could be there for that boy when we didn’t need many words.


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