Sport! Go figure!

  Sport is important in the House of Testosterone. 1 man, 3 boys :  3 boys playing rugby union, dad coaching and  the littlest man and dad playing football in the winter. Summer sees cricket come in (beam me up now!), Touch football (several times a week for all) and swimming for the littlest man.  

Many loads of stinky washing, and a whole new language which I still struggle with. The offside rule is officially beyond me. The cricket dads stopped trying to explain the rules after the fourth week. The kids were all so far away that I couldn’t tell which child was mine and I start to lose the will to live at the start of the third hour of a cricket game.  The availability of a glass of wine at Friday night rugby is admittedly an attractive prospect. 

Throwing Type 1 diabetes into the mix has been a challenge which my son has met head on. He does amazingly well but there is no predicting those Blood Glucose Levels after sport. It’s like the lotto, you just don’t know what number’s going to come next. Adrenalin, short bursts of effort versus long sustained effort, hormones, cold, heat. Who knows what number is going to appear on that little screen? 

At the moment the dance classes for sport at school are having the exact same effect as the intense Friday night rugby games. Who could have anticipated that? Is it the prospect of a spot of public dancing, the horrid idea of having to ask a girl to dance or has my boy found his groove? 

We are so lucky to have a top team backing us up! The Diabetes Educator is constantly in touch, trying to help us figure out the conundrum. Sport is fantastic and I hope all my sons play these sports into adulthood but from the sidelines I can see it’s certainly not an easy option when trying to keep your BGLs in range if you have Type 1 diabetes.


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