Diabetes call out – Gotta love Frank

Can I just say how inspired I am every time I read Frank’s blog- Type 1 writes  – it is honest, entertaining and above all it fills me with hope and positivity. I hope I’m not embarrassing you Frank!  

I live in a house ‘with’ diabetes as my son has T1. I don’t live ‘in’ it. It’s not my journey but I cannot help but worry about my boy. He certainly doesn’t worry about his diabetes. He’s 14, he loves rugby, cricket, annoying his brothers and hanging out with his mates. That’s exactly how it should be. There’s nothing he cannot do but in amongst that we have established a routine that works for us, most of the time. 

He generally can count his carbs but will ask for help if he’s not sure. He knows how much insulin he needs for each meal and he knows he needs to write his BGLs in his book every night except Wednesdays (when he gets a day off !). He also knows that he usually loses his phone for the day if he doesn’t write down his BGLs. He knows that we need to look for patterns here as there are so many changes at the moment as his ‘honeymoon’ is over (I wrote a poem about that) and he’s growing like a weed! 

The routines and planning of his Type 1 diabetes piss him off every day but it doesn’t dominate his life. He gets on with life and lives it to the full and would probably roll his eyes in mortification if I showed him this blog.

 This blog is about my journey as the mum of someone with T1. I don’t burden my son with my fears but I absolutely and totally cringe when I look through my son’s eyes at some of the information presented to the public. I’ve seen the research which has come out highlighting the increase in anxiety for young people with T1. I feel a need to protect him from that. 

In some ways I’m thankful that this National Diabetes Week has come and gone and my son has not even realised that it exists but in other ways I think it’s such a shame and a wasted opportunity. He doesn’t yet know that there is an amazing community of people with diabetes out there and I’d love to see more of that in the media.


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