Secret Fear

I have three boys. The middle one has Type 1 Diabetes. Every time one of my the other two boys gets sick, I’m in a quiet panic. What if this triggers Type 1 Diabetes in them? I believe their brother’s trigger was a nasty croupy virus he had a couple of months before he was diagnosed but I’ll never know.

My youngest boy has a nasty staff infection in his knee at the moment. A rugby stud cut his knee in a tackle just over a week ago and now staph has set in. It weeps ugly puss when prodded which makes his brothers dry retch. I know he secretly enjoys this. He takes his antibiotics and every day it gets better. I know I’ll be watching him for signs for a while.

I’m sure this is a worry for all people who have a close relative with Type 1 diabetes. There’s no way to avoid it if is it’s coming. Would knowing how likely they are to develop it be easier? For me, I don’t think so.

2 thoughts on “Secret Fear

  1. I have 3 boys as well and the middle one is Type 1. I think this is a fear that every parent of a child with Type 1 has. I let my non diabetic kids do Blood Glucose tests whenever they want. They are always curious. This gives me peace of mind. The check probably once or twice a month. So I know that if something starts to change there may be indicators. I also have the option of getting my 2 boys tested for antibodies that could lead to Type 1, but I haven’t decided if I want to do that just yet.

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