It’s was cold Sunday afternoon. I was craving vegetables! A quick look in the fridge revealed an aubergine/egg plant which was bought on a whim in my weekly shop. I had a nostalgia trip to the distant past. It’s funny the relationship between food and memories.

We were a group of students who had to spend four months in France to improve our language skills as part of our degree. We had so much fun on very little money. We were in Montpellier in the South of France and the student cafeteria often made this dish. It was a taste revelation to me. Once we got back home and we regularly made it in our student digs, thinking we were so sophisticated.

So, I made this for me really. I secretly relived my past life as I stirred in each ingredient, a little smile on my face. My children would not recognise this version of their mum.

I also cooked a roast beef, roast potatoes and green beans. I figured this will be a side dish for them and the main meal for me as I don’t eat much meat.

I’ve got a favourite ingredient:


I bought a couple of jars of this last year when on holiday. They ran out recently but I was able to get on line and order some more.

I like the idea of the rose petals! A touch of the exotic!

I’ve been adding it to soups, cous cous and using it as a marinade for chicken too. I didn’t have any basil to add to my ratatouille so thought this would give it a bit of a lift!



2 thoughts on “Ratatouille

    1. Thanks! I’ve got some left for lunch! It was lovely! I think it’s the idea of the rose petals, not sure I could tell in amongst all the vegetables !!! The Harissa is a lovely hit to jazz up any meal! Can highly recommend!

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