And breathe

I recently went to a yoga class. It was lovely as you didn’t need to have any experience or be bendy in crazy ways. We were all tired and had barely had time to change into comfy clothes.

The instructor was gentle, funny and had just the right kind of voice! I’ve tried yoga before and sometimes the voice of the instructor would drive me to distraction. You know that airy fairy, ‘I am at one with the universe and have achieved total inner peace’ kind of voice? Apart from that, I either fell asleep, made lists in my head or tried to be mature and not do snorty laughs at the accidental farts overheard. 

This time it was different. It was a couple of sessions, run at my work to help us relax and stretch. Full stop. 

I got so much out of it. The biggest was a relaxation technique for breathing. I don’t know what it’s called and I’m sure it’s a classic in lots of yoga classes. You lie flat on your back on the floor. You do ten slow, full breaths through your stomach, followed by ten into your ribs, then ten into your upper chest. You put your hands on each area to help you feel you are breathing into the right part of your body. It’s amazing! 

For me doing this breathing routine works like a magic spell when I’ve had to get up at 3am to test my son’s BGL. Often I lie awake for ages before drifting off just before my alarm rings. Not any more! I’ve never made it through the 30 breaths. I do the test, jump straight back into bed, lie on my back and one, two, three, zzzzzzzzzzz.

We also did the Salute to the Sun routine. I’ve watched a video on YouTube lots of times showing me how to do it. Maybe one day soon!



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