A load of crêpes!

  First Sunday morning of the holidays. Two weeks lie ahead of us. There’s time to make a nice breakfast. We’ve always loved crêpes. The pikelet is much heavier than it’s French cousin and leaves you feeling sluggish and heavy. We prefer these. 

I try, in vain,to make my children pronounce “crêpes” properly, rather than the unusual Australian way of saying it. 

I set the breakfast table with little bowls of lemon and sugar, pure butter, pure maple syrup, the berry mix and some creamy vanilla yoghurt.

I set my coffee maker on the stove.

My son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he turned thirteen and he became a teenager in hospital. He desperately  wanted his usual birthday breakfast of crêpes, maple syrup and strawberries. I asked the nurses if they would let me bring him his breakfast. I was only mastering the basics of courting carbs so I headed to the supermarket looking for ‘authentic’ crêpes. I found a packet, some strawberries and some ‘diet’ maple syrup. The resulting breakfast was pitiful. I have photographs of my brave boy valiantly pretending that it tasted nice.

A year and a half has passed since then and I’m proud to say the crêpe situation is under control. I make a double batch of this recipe and on the rare occasion that there are leftovers, they can be frozen with a layer of baking paper in between each one. I love it that they can be made in a food processor. A French mum would possibly be horrified by this. There are no lumpy bits so, désolée Madame, the food processor it is!  Like any crêpe mix, it’s better if you can make it and leave it for a while. This never happens chez moi! Once the smell of melted butter hits the pan, it’s game on! It’s quick and easy but don’t turn your back on the pan.

I love the lace like patterns that appear, the tiny bubbles which grow then burst, leaving a web of little holes.


We had an extra boy who stayed for a sleepover. He was pretty happy with his breakfast. I have a little shot glass which I find great for measuring out the pure maple syrup for my son with Type 1. It takes ten seconds to do and helps keep his BGL in line (well, as much as we can ever predict that!). He did raise an eyebrow when I handed my son his little shot glass of maple syrup. 



2 thoughts on “A load of crêpes!

  1. The shot glass part made me laugh. I can only imagine with the color of the syrup it could be thought of as alcohol. I’m not really a breakfast person so I never think of making these, and my husband would never do breakfast as a lunch or dinner.

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