More Balls

Baking time again!  Time to stock up the fridge for the days ahead.

Bliss Balls with an ever changing recipe. I make 40 every couple of weeks and have managed to get the carb count to about 8g per ball. These are great for everyone in the family.

I type up most of my recipes and put them in Google Docs. This means I can access them from anywhere. It also means I can share them with my friends.

This recipe is ever changing. My friends laugh as every time they go to access my Google Docs, the recipe has changed.  I’m pushing up the protein content at the moment so I’ve added the chia seeds. I’ve used dried strawberries too and that was delicious. One of my boys thinks he doen’t like walnuts but they’re so healthy! I grind them up until they bear no ressemblance to their former shape. He reminds me often not to put walnuts in.  I nod and say nothing!


8 thoughts on “More Balls

      1. No, he is growing so much and needs filling. I think he’d run away if carbs were restricted. That can be a decision for him down the track! He loves his bed, so breakfast has to be quick. Smoothies with added LSA worked for a few days but the novelty wore off.


      2. Ok. We should talk, I can help you help him change that attitude, it will change the way you both look at T1D and blood sugars will become near non diabetic. Have a read of my second last blog about hunger games, if it sounds similar and something you think would work let me know.


      3. I can see that this may appeal down the track. At the moment we are pretty good just need to increase the protein. Your dinner was amazing. I’ll def be making that! Thanks for all the suggestions !

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      4. Also think outside the box for breakfast. It doesn’t have to be the traditional things, try adding meats like a chicken frittata and tats easy to make and keep for a quick reheat.

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