The hardest part of helping my son deal with his Type 1 diabetes is the constant change. I’ve been in touch with the educator in the last week as his BGL at bedtime has been getting steadily higher which means he’ll need more quick acting insulin at dinner. 

We will slowly increase this over the weekend to avoid big crashes in his levels. I dread telling him this. For the first time in a few weeks I feel that familiar sadness for him. I wonder how I will prepare him for this change and how he will react.

He’s a boy who thrives on routine. He likes to know how things are and that they will be the same each day. The nature of this beast is that it is constantly changing. Luckily for me my boy has a good maths brain. He quickly memorises the complex little algorithms we use to calculate the insulin dosage for each time he eats. Now he will have tiny little differences to learn:  a unit more here and there.

He gets the hang of a new set of numbers and BAM! something changes and it’s a new day with new numbers.

It’s the start of the holidays. Two weeks of freedom lie ahead of us and this disease will rob my son of that wonderful anticipation. That sucks! I am his parent. I fix things. I can’t make this better.

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