Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls – challenge accepted!

My eleven year old loves rice paper rolls. I’ve avoided making them recently as I wasn’t sure how to calculate the carbs for his brother. He has been asking me to make them for weeks and doing the big, sad, puppy dog eyes that no mother can resist so today, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

I cut up cucumber, red capsicum, carrots into tiny batons. I set out the chopped mint and coriander in a bowl and open the packet of bean sprouts. I bought half a cooked chicken on the way home and I ask a passing 15 year old to shred it without eating any himself (queue grumpy teenage boy noises). 

I work out that two layers of the vermicelli noodes are 80g of carbs (there are 5 of us so that’s 16g of carbs each) and three of the rice paper roll sheets are 22g of carbs. If I make 15 rolls (are you getting why I’ve avoided this for so long?) that’s 38g of carb for each person.

Ok, all good. I soak the vermicelli noodles in boiling hot water and once cooked, they weigh 800g which (when divided by the 15 sheets I have) means I can put about 50g of noodle into each roll. I set up the scales and work out what 50g of noodles looks like. I use the recipe at the bottom as a rough guide.

Assembly begins. I am losing the will to live. I know I should involve the whole family in this process and we should sit around the table, chatting about our day whilst we amicably pass the bowls of vegetables and noodles between us. 

This may happen in a parallel universe. In my house, it’s a total shit fight any time we try this kind of thing. We are not the Waltons!

An hour and a half from start to finish. I know this as I’ve watched an episode and a half of Scandal (Olivia Pope would never make these!) on my laptop during this time. I’ve done 15 rolls. That’s three each. My eleven year old is so happy and gobbles down his three rice paper rolls in about ten seconds before asking : ‘Is there more?’



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