I am woman hear me roar!


Living in the house of pain! Two boys with sore faces on liquid diets: one from surgery  to remove wisdom teeth and the other from having spacers forced between molars to prepare his mouth for a palate expander. Double pain and dad has a bad cold! My youngest son and I keep going, trying to avoid getting sick.

Liquid diets! Jelly, yoghurt, smoothies, custard and soup. Lots of pain relief with ibuprofen and panadol rotating. 

BGLs going up for my son with Type 1 diabetes. He has a long road ahead with 6 months with an expander then onto the braces. It’s bad enough having to be in pain but it then have your control of diabetes be affected is a double blow. He was scheduled to have this happen around the time he was diagnosed and he has decided that he wants to do it now. I’m proud of him that he still wants to go ahead but it’s going to be a bumpy road managing the BGLs and the pain levels.

Tonight it’s pumpkin soup. Who doesn’t like that? Throw is some crusty sourdough bread for those who can chew!



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