Making it mine!

I found this recipe online. I’m not sure how it qualifies as ‘healthy’ but it looked like everything  I love.,35807

Check out the quantity of sugar in the original recipe. It’s insane!

Even by reducing  the quantity of sugar in the brownie mix from 350g to 150g, it’s still really sweet. Next time, I’d happily reduce it to 100g. When I added up all the carbs in my version, the total carbs in the whole recipe is 514 by my calculations. This makes each square 32g of carb if you cut it into 16 pieces.

Please remember, I’m not a chef or a dietition. I use the labels on packets and a couple of apps on my phone to help me count the carbs, so please check.

These are delicious! BEWARE though! Wait until they are cool before jumping in to taste one. The caramel is really hot and I now have a lovely blister on the end of my tongue due to my lack of patience!




One thought on “Making it mine!

  1. It sounds like you use the same method to calculate carbs that I do, with the same disclaimer. We may not be nutritionists or dietitians, but we sure know what we are doing.

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