Diabetes Educator

Where would I be without our Diabetes Educator? She’s seen us at our lowest after diagnosis and has been there at every step of our journey. She knows the whole family and we are all in this together.  I’ve made mistakes and not once has she made me feel guilty. She knows my son and understands that we have to take his personality and choices into consideration at all times. She doesn’t expect perfection: which is just as well!

The tears have usually been replaced with laughter now when we meet and it feels like she’s one of us. I can be totally honest with her.  When I started this blog, I showed it to her and her encouragement made me keep going.

I cannot imagine not having this team approach. I know I can email or make a call and there will always be someone there to listen or give advice. 

I was helping someone do a haiku for homework and our educator came into my head. This is how I would sum up her role for us.

Diabetes Educator Haiku

Building resilience

With patience and great knowledge 

Our guardian angel

One thought on “Diabetes Educator

  1. Diabetes educators definitely uphold that personal and supportive element in diabetes care that doctor’s sometimes can’t. Mine was exactly the same – call or email anytime, I can even remember her squeezing me into her lunch break once. Glad you’ve had a positive experience

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