Goodies for Grazers

Saturday morning, start of a long weekend. No sport. No commitments. Yey!

I wanted to fill the fridge with goodies for grazers as I know there will be a lot of soulful contemplation of the fridge on a rainy, cool day like today.

I’m still trying to increase the protein for our breakfasts and keep things as low GI as I can. Sifting a spoonful of icing sugar mix over the 12 muffins seems to fool my kids into thinking these are normal muffins.

These were a disaster last week when I made them. You could have bounced them off the wall! Then I remembered that I’d forgotten to add the oil! Phew! This week they taste much better.

This was adapted from



2 thoughts on “Goodies for Grazers

  1. These look an sound great, we have a long weekend with little commitments as well. Thank you for sharing the recipe I think I will give these a try. Love that you have the nutrition info all there as well. You are a great Mom.

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