Thursday Nights

I leave work on Thursdays with a vague plan for meals in my head and the ‘Buy Me a Pie’ app on my phone. It’s shopping night. I try to make a list on this app of the ingredients required and all the extras we need for the next week. This does not fill me with joy!

Work has been busy and I shop in a rush to get back in time to take my eldest to his second rugby training session of the week. My husband is training our youngest’s soccer team then he has his own soccer training. 

I get home, beg number two child to get the shopping out of the car whilst I put it all away. I have no pride! I have tried to suggest that it’s a great idea to help unpack the bags as then you know the food that’s been bought for the week ahead. That plan was fine if I didn’t care where the food went and made preparing dinner interesting the next week.

Child number one is thrown in the car, thrown out at the rugby field then I rush home to make dinner. He gets a lift home from friends. At this point, I stop and pour myself a gin. I’m not superwoman!

Our go to dish is Tuna Pasta. They all love it and if I make extra then there’s enough for lunches the next day. Sometimes I throw some broccoli in to the pasta in the last few minutes of cooking. My son with Type 1 loves his pasta and we are lucky that it doesn’t seems to make his levels spike.

Then comes my favourite part. Thursday night treat!  A family tradition. Three bars of chocolate are placed on the bench. Tonight it was Cherry Ripes (28g carb) . I leave them there, clearly visible whilst we have dinner. Now comes the fun. The chocolate is only given to boys with tidy rooms. Watch them run:  the eldest two, long limbed clumsy antelopes,  falling over themselves, whilst the youngest is reminded that shoving clothes down the back of the bed is not tidying up.

Three boys chomp on their chocolate. I put the kettle on, sit down on the lounge and try to stay awake for at least a while.


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