Protein Breakfasts

We are trying to increase the protein we have at breakfast and after lots of bacon, eggs, and smoothies with LSA, I’ve been researching high protein breakfast biscuits. 

I spend so much of my life planning meals and snacks. Trying to get the balance between healthy and still letting my kids eat what their friends have, especially when they are out and about. Their idea of heaven is a white loaf or a cheese and bacon roll from the bakery up the road. They really are simple souls!

When I was making the top first lot of biscuits, they looked a bit green with all the zucchini so I threw in some cacao to disguise the ‘shrekiness’.  They really do taste quite nice even if they aren’t very pretty! I didn’t make up the name of the recipe and it’s not one to say after a couple of gins!

I’m not so sure about the second recipe. It just seems too ‘chalky’ from all the peanut butter and they are much less sweet but that might be a good thing. I’ll need to play about with this recipe. They are really low carb so maybe I’ll bring up the carb value by adding some more flour and a little more sugar. I have a feeling I’ll end up eating this batch. I did add some icing to try to fool my kids but they’re not daft!





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