Slow Cooker Face

I drove to work today with flushed cheeks and the smug look of a satisfied woman. It’s not what you’re thinking!

I went to work knowing dinner would be ready when I got home. For a working mum with four males to feed this is pure joy!

I jumped out of bed when my alarm went off and set about browning the meat and combining all the ingredients in the slow cooker so that when I get back home this evening, things will be just that bit easier! I often don’t even care what is cooking and what it will taste like. It’s just the fact that it’s done! There have been some disasters but over the years I have a few dishes that pass muster.

Today’s meal is a one pot stew with the carbs worked out in advance so I don’t have to think about a thing,

1 kilo of chunks of beef (not too lean a cut or it’s too tough) is browned and placed in the slow cooker with 2 roughly chopped red onions, half a kilo of green beans, 900g  (115g carb)of potatoes (skins on, chopped into quarters), a red capsicum cut into large chunks. I then pour over 750ml vegetable stock and a jar of good quality pasta sauce (sacla brand – favoured by my Italian friends = 30g carb for the whole jar  ) or if I’m really on the ball I’ll have some homemade pasta sauce instead. I cooked this for 8 hours.

It may not win any beauty contests but fills 4 bellies and ticks the boxes for being healthy!

The smell in the house after a slow cooker has been on for eight hours is not my favourite but that’s when the scented candles come out. I get my trackies on and I’m at one with the world.

 I had a couple of oranges which needed to be used and a lovely friend had given me some almond meal. I remembered this recipe and made it. I’ll heat it up and serve it with a dollop of vanilla yoghurt.



2 thoughts on “Slow Cooker Face

  1. Serious? I love the smell after the slow cooker’s been on all day. Takes a bit of prep work in the morning, but its great not having to worry about a thing for the rest of the day.


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