Cutting Loose – eh…. or not!

Going out to friends’ for dinner tonight. A catch up with a few families. The family hosting the  get together are so lovely and have sent me the menu for the night – BBQ, vegetarian lasagne, potato bake and salad then icecream for dessert. We were even asked what the ideal time would be for my son to eat. This was done without that clawing intensity that makes you feel like you are such a hassle. Just a couple of quick texts.

My friend sent me a cheeky text saying she had had a hard week and encouraged me to join her and ‘cut loose’.

I don’t think I know how to ‘cut loose’ any more. I’m more of a ‘chill out’ kind of chick. Cutting loose suggests forgetting all your worries, being wild and breaking free. Not really an option!

Chilling out, on the other hand is much easier. I can put my worries to the side, relax and have fun. Have a drink, have some fun but happily remember all I’ve done and said the next day. It’s not a criticism of my friend. I envy her!

I’m making a salad with:

spinach, rocket and sweet potato (560g = 80g carb)  with walnuts (1 cup = 4g carb) toasted in maple syrup (1 tablespoon = 16g carb) with little blobs of White Castello (Camembert would be nice too) on top. I’ve mixed up a dressing with olive oil, white wine vinegar and Dijon mustard in the jam jar to take and serve with it.


Then for a little treat these Chocolate Caramel Cups. 

They are a family favourite and I played about with the original recipe to get the carbs down a bit.




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