Soup and a Pudding

It’s was cold evening and all my men were out at rugby training. My mind went back the the freezing winters of my childhood. My absolute favourite dinner was when we had no main course. We would beg my mum for ‘soup and  a pudding’.

It was usually a thick vegetable soup, followed by a crumble. So warming!

I love watching the boys as they troop in through the front door, covered in mud and frankly, a bit stinky! Like animals in a David Attenburgh documentary, they stop and sniff the air. They making random guesses at what it might be. Their sense of smell is well developed and they quickly identify key ingredients. Coconut? Yes! Apple? Yes!

I got out of my comfort zone of regular recipes: Sweet Corn and Coconut Soup from this month’s Australian Woman’s Weekly and then Baked Apples from It was fun to do something different and the carbs were not too hard to count. (click on the recipes and they should enlarge)


corn soup recipe

baked apples

baked apples recipe


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