Baking Day

blueberry muffin pic

blueberry muffin recipe

Three little frangipani balls.
Three little frangipani balls.
Frangipani balls recipe

Sunday afternoons in the kitchen: it’s my tradition. The smell of baking soothes me. If I can get to Sunday night with a few goodies in the fridge to get us through the week, I’m sorted! It doesn’t matter what kind of day or week we have had but I can connect with the 4 men in my life over a plate of freshly baked biscuits and all feels good, at least for that moment.

Today it’s muffins for the lunchboxes, lemon ricotta cake for dessert and some frangipani balls.

Three hungry boys and their default position is one hand on a hip, other on the fridge door, peering helplessly in, asking pleadingly what there is to eat. This I can fix!

It took me a few months to find my mojo in the kitchen after my son was diagnosed. I try to balance healthier snacks with modified versions of our old family favourites. We are far from perfect: we eat sugar and chocolate and my pantry is full of shop bought goods too. I try to channel my inner Gwyneth Paltrow but she often doesn’t want to come out to play!

These frangipani balls come from

Mostly, I use the same recipes I’ve always used but I’ve cut back a bit on the sugar and gone for more wholemeal flours. We count carbs in groups of 15g, with each 15g being called an exchange. I try to get recipes to fit in with that. I made these frangipani balls for the first time last week and I think I ate most of them! They are about the size of a ping-pong ball and perfect with a cuppa!


2 thoughts on “Baking Day

    1. Thanks Katy! They have been a great discovery. I soaked my dried pineapple in hot water for a bit as my food processor doesn’t have a powerful motor. I hope you enjoy them!


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